8 Habits of Productive Workers

If you want to be successful in any field, you need to be productive and efficient with your work. But productivity isn’t simply getting work done and calling it a day; it’s doing your best with the time that you have and finishing your work effectively, efficiently, and in a way that meets your goals and standards.

Productivity doesn’t always come easily or naturally to individuals, but you don’t need to be a natural-born example of productivity; you can learn along the way of your professional development and career.

Here are eight habits of productive people that you can apply to your life to make yourself more productive.


You can’t be productive if you aren’t organized. Productive individuals have sharp and clean work areas to keep them focused and to keep the stress away. When your work area is organized, you can more easily find what you need and have room to complete your work.


If you want to stay productive all day or all week, it’s important that you plan out your tasks and deadlines. Break up large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones and create a plan of action for completing everything on time. It is often helpful to assign a certain amount of time to each task so that you do not spend too long on any given item.


Productive people know how to prioritize. When you have a lot to get done and deadlines to meet, you need to be able to figure out the most important things first. The order in which you complete tasks can be just as important as actually completing them.

Two-Minute Rule

If you can complete something in two minutes, then complete it immediately. When you do quick tasks like these throughout the day, you prevent little to-dos from piling up and turning into a seemingly unmanageable list. In turn, this helps you focus on your bigger and more difficult tasks.


Taking breaks can actually work to make you more productive. If you work too long on one thing, you may lose the ability to focus and get distracted more easily. It’s better to take shorter breaks more frequently to get your mind back on track.

Eliminate Distractions

Speaking of distractions, it’s probably a good idea to eliminate those as best as you can. If you have a lot to get done, put away your phone, close your door, and end conversations. The fewer the distractions, the better the productivity.

Work-Life Balance

If you can find a work-life balance, you can also find productivity. Finding the right balance means that you can take personal breaks and improve your ability to focus when you get back to work.

Create Your Own System

The best way to increase your productivity is to find a system that works for you. It may be a combination of any of the above items or something unique from your own experiences. Whatever it is, try to have a system in place that you can rely on in times of high stress.


No matter your current level of productivity, you can apply these habits and steps to almost any routine to increase productivity. Try out a few of these habits the next time you have a lot to get done, and see what works best for you!