360 feedback for managers

360 Feedback for Managers

Advance your career by capitalizing on your strengths and improving areas of weakness.

Whether you’re a first-time manager or a long-term leader, you know the importance of getting feedback on how you’re doing. How you’re doing, after all, can have a big impact on, well, lots of things, like team performance and productivity and employee morale and retention.

The problem is, it can be difficult to get candid feedback if you’re a manager. What manager doesn’t have a few weaknesses and shortcomings? What direct report wants to be the one to point that out?

Enter the 360 survey, which creates the process to provide feedback for managers from a variety of perspectives—direct reports, supervisors, and peers. The results can provide a clear assessment of where managers stand with their team, including their skills, competencies, weaknesses and blind spots.

But collecting the feedback and reviewing the results is only the beginning. The real value of receiving 360 feedback for managers is what happens next—setting goals and creating a detailed action plan to grow and develop skills and talents.

When you partner with G360 Surveys to collect 360 feedback for managers, this important next step is embedded into our process. When managers receive 360 feedback via an easy-to-read report, they also receive prompts to set goals and a Personal Development Plan template to help identify specific steps needed to take to improve specific skills.

Need help setting goals and filling out your personal development plan template? Find inspiration from our experts on how to improve in the core competencies of successful managers. There are 16 in all, divided into four categories. Click on any of the competencies below for detailed definitions, suggestions for improvement, as well as recommended books, articles and videos.