Healthcare Leader Assessments

Physician Survey

360 assessment tools for health industry

This 360 degree feedback tool measures the personal qualities, interpersonal skills, clinical skills, and leadership skills of physicians who are often called upon to lead healthcare teams. Based upon the ACGME standards, it provides feedack and development resources helps develop clinical leaders who can positively impact the healthcare system. > Sample report

Nurse Manager Survey

This 360 review provides feedback and development resources to nurses who manage or supervise others. The 16 core competencies that are measured come from the widely used national standards set by the American Association for Nursing Leadership and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses in hospitals or clinics. > Sample report

Use Case

Nurse managers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center were struggling to lead their teams effectively. As a professional development initiative, 59 nurses took the G360 Nurse Manager survey as part of a 360 degree review and received the results during an individual coaching session. The 50 minute sessions helped unpack the feedback and provided practical suggestions for improvement. After the experience, 80% of participants reported that the process was very beneficial for them. Two of their responses are noted below.

  • “The most helpful experience from this survey was the verbatim feedback directly from the employees who took the survey. Additionally, the way the survey grouped the items into the main categories was beneficial in looking at an overview of the results.”
  • “The biggest benefit is that I found that I knew some of my weaknesses, but learned of one other I didn’t know I had. That was very helpful especially as I move forward in my career and further develop my skills. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this.”

As a result of the 360 degree feedback and coaching sessions, a custom three-day leadership academy was designed to address their collective concerns and shortcomings. According to evaluations, every participant strongly agreed that the workshop was a valuable use of their time and every participant strongly agreed that they would recommend the workshop to other nurse managers.