Senior Leader Survey

Measures the competencies that are most important for executives

The Challenges Facing Senior Leadership

Companies must continually reinvent themselves and adapt to changing market forces to stay competitive. Within that context, senior leaders must be visionary catalysts who challenge the status quo and inspire others to action.

  • Helping organizations change and adapt takes unique leadership skills
  • Senior leaders face a monumental task in transforming their organizations on a regular basis
  • Getting regular 360 degree feedback gives leaders the tools they need to be more effective change agents

Use Case

The mission of Leadership Columbus is to develop, connect and inspire diverse leaders who serve as catalysts in building a strong and vibrant community. It is recognized as one of the top civic leadership development programs in the country. At the beginning of a year-long leadership academy, approximately 60 participants take the G360 Senior Leader Survey to get feedback that will help guide their development. Each fall at a remote campground outside Columbus, OH participants receive the results of their 360 degree reviews and begin the well-designed journey of increased self-awareness and intentional growth. The executive director and staff with support from the Center for Creative Leadership have created an experience that is nothing short of life-changing. But changing the lives of participants is only part of the impact. These leaders then go on to influence their organizations and communities for years to come.

Today’s organizations and communities need a new generation of leader. We need leaders with integrity, humility, and a commitment to collaborative problem solving. We need leaders who can manage change and inspire their organizations and communities. We need leaders who are open to 360 degree feedback and willing to continually improve their knowledge and skills. When these type of leaders are at the helm, others will gladly follow.

Sample Report

Core Competencies

The G360 Senior Leader Survey measures 16 core competencies grouped into four major categories. Click on any of the 360 degree competencies below for a detailed description of that competency along with suggested videos, books and websites to help improve in that area.