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Yes, you can add your own competencies or questions to our existing surveys. Our current surveys work for approximately 95% of all businesses since the competencies come from research on successful leaders across disciplines and industries. Also, since the feedback reports compare end user scores with national norms, it’s helpful to keep the competencies consistent. But now you can get the best of both worlds. You start with one of our standard surveys and customize it by adding additional competencies or questions. And it’s extremely easy to do. Give it a try!

Feedback reports can be sent directly to the end user by the system or the administrator can download the report and deliver the results in a more personal format. With Pulse Surveys, end users launch their own surveys so they’re the only ones who see the results.

The surveys are designed to be self-administered. There are plenty of tutorials and support resources in the administrator’s dashboard but we are always available at in case you have trouble.

All you need to do is purchase at least once survey credit in order to get started. Every time you launch a new survey, the total number of credits in your account is reduced by one. There are no set-up fees or start-up costs or subscriptions to pay for.

Yes, if you go to the Pricing page on this website, you can see our quantity discount schedule. When you go to the credit card checkout page in the administrators dashboard, the discounts will automatically be applied depending on the number of survey credits you’re purchasing.

After you set up your account, click on the “Purchase Credits” button on the administrator dashboard and you will be taken to our e-commerce page. You can purchase survey credits with a credit card.

While we prefer that customers to use our e-commerce platform, we are happy to discuss various payment options with you. Feel free to contact us at

Almost everyone can benefit from 360 degree feedback but especially those who are motivated to grow and advance in their careers. Feedback from different groups of people is one of the best ways to understand how a person is perceived across the organization.

Feedback is the essence of personal development. Since many people aren’t very good judges of their own performance, they need accurate feedback from others to help them to grow. It’s hard to develop the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes when you don’t know what you need to work on.

Unfortunately, many organizations only use 360 reviews with senior people but it’s the junior managers and early career professionals who really need the feedback. It’s those people who are still trying to develop their leadership style and need some guidance.

We recommend that employees undergo a G360 survey every year. If someone is in a new position, or if they are working especially hard to develop a new set of skills, then every six months is a good option as well.

There are four main differences. Pulse Surveys are launched by the person getting feedback whereas our regular 360 degree assessments are managed by another person (usually HR). Pulse Surveys measure 8 competencies compared to 16 competences for our regular assessments. Pulse Surveys don’t put raters in various categories such as supervisor, peers, or direct reports. All of the scores are lumped together. And, finally, Pulse Surveys cost much less ($20 vs. $100 per assessment).

G360 Surveys were developed from empirical research with the purpose of helping people achieve their highest potential. They are easy-to-use tools that produce results when people are open to feedback and have a strong desire to improve.

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If you’re seeking to advance your career, develop important leadership skills, and transform your career goals into actionable steps, our Professional Development Plan Template can help guide the way. It’s specific, measurable, effective, and easy to use.

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