What 360 Feedback for Doctors

Can Do for Healthcare Quality

360 degree feedback form for doctors

A physician’s job is hard enough. Add leadership responsibilities on top of that and the challenge reaches a whole new level. What leadership skills should a physician possess? Do your physicians possess them?

Healthcare organizations can run in circles figuring out the answers to these questions. Smart healthcare administrators use 360 degree feedback to gain clarity on where their doctors stand on the skills and competencies needed for success.

But, wait, your physicians already have excellent clinical skills. Isn’t that enough? Of course, medical knowledge is important, but patient safety and satisfaction also improve when physicians have consistent personal qualities, highly developed interpersonal skills and the ability to lead and develop others.

Measure these competencies and more with the G360 Physician Survey, a 360 degree feedback assessment tailored to busy doctors. Based on industry standards established by the American College of Graduate Medical Education, our Physician Survey is easy to administer, provides valuable, easy-to-understand feedback, and encourages follow-up goal setting and action planning. See a Sample Feedback Report.

Development Resources for Physicians

To help physicians get a jump-start on improving their skills, we’ve compiled a library of development resources just for them. Click on any of the competencies below to access detailed definitions of each competency and suggestions for improvement, plus recommended books, articles and videos.