Using G360 Surveys in a Workshop

healthcare leadership competencies

Introduce the G360 to the Participants

Let participants know that 360 degree feedback is an important part of the workshop. You want them to respond quickly to the invitation email so they can enlist others who will evaluate them. Tell them something like: “We will be using a 360 degree feedback survey that will help you improve your team and leadership skills. A few weeks before the workshop begins, you will receive an email with specific instructions about the process and a link to submit 10-15 names of people who can give you feedback. The system will automatically invite them to answer 48 questions about you and provide feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. During the workshop, you will receive a feedback report with the results. From those results, you will create a personal development plan.”

Launch the Surveys

Approximately one month before the workshop, you should launch the surveys. Please remember to allow participants to choose their own raters and click the option to *not* allow them to download their own reports. You will be giving them a hard copy of their reports at the workshop. Another option is to let them receive their reports directly from the system by not checking that option and then closing the surveys two days before the session so they get their reports.

Conduct a Group Feedback Session

During the workshop, you will be giving an overview of the survey process and distributing their reports. We recommend that you use the Group Debrief PowerPoint presentation which is found on the resource page of the G360 administrator’s dashboard. This will give them an overview of the survey and will help them understand their feedback reports. After they review their feedback, they will create a personal development plan using the template on the last page of the feedback report. Give participants the opportunity to discuss their 360 feedback and development plans with each other to get some suggestions for improvement. They can also get suggestions and resources by clicking on the competencies in their feedback reports. At the end of this session, have participants turn in their development plans so you can look them over and make suggestions as well.

Follow Up

Contact participants approximately three months after the workshop and ask for a status update on their development plans. You can ask them about their goals, what they’ve been doing to achieve their goals, and whether or not they’ve made any progress. As an option, you have participants retake the G360 after six months to see if there’s been any improvement on any of their core competencies.