Why 360 Feedback Could Be a Game-Changer for Your Employee Development Program

employee development program

Employee development programs have entered a new phase in recent years, prompted in part by organizations realizing the value of internal recruitment to fill open positions. Compare this to just a handful of years ago, when many organizations looked first to new hires to fill a position, hoping they worked out.

But an organizations internal recruitment strategy is only as strong as its employee development program. And if you ask us, an employee development program only can be strong if it includes a robust 360 feedback system. Heres why. 

Assesses Strengths and Weaknesses From Multiple Sources

Traditional performance appraisals typically involve only the perspective of a manager or small group of managers. Meanwhile, 360 feedback provides insights from multiple sources—including subordinates, peers, and higher-ups—who interact with the employee on a regular basis. A 360 feedback survey even takes an employees self-assessment into account.

Not only does this multi-rater feedback provide a more holistic view of the employees strengths and weaknesses, but it also offers valuable insights into differing aspects of the employees job performance. Such insights can identify possible blind spots or even uncover hidden talents.

Spots Opportunities for Both Employee and Organization

Lets face it, the feedback gathered through a 360 assessment is only valuable if it can be put to meaningful use. Fortunately, the insights gained through these assessments empower organizations to enhance their employee development programs to better address specific needs and skill gaps.

Better yet, 360 feedback can ease the process of aligning the employees strengths with the organizations needs. This occurs not just because 360 feedback is more comprehensive than traditional job performance reviews, but because the employee has a better understanding of where they stand within the organization.

Offers Near and Long-Term Action Items

It should be kept in mind that employee feedback should be approached not as a one and done” but an ongoing process. Regular feedback gives employee development programs the opportunity to track progress and help employees refine skills and talents over time.

After all, employees are more likely to buy in” when they are actively involved in the process. Thus, regular communication, training and follow-up are all crucial to ensure an employee development programs success.

Enhance Your Employee Development Program With 360-Degree Feedback

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