Survey Launch Checklist

Setting up a new assessment is an easy process but it helps to consider some important issues in order to have a successful deployment. After launching tens of thousands of leadership assessments, here are a few suggestions.

  • First, create a list of survey subjects and raters (if subjects aren’t choosing their own raters).
  • Upload your participants’ names and email addresses into the G360 platform.
  • Decide on a start date for the survey launch. The end date will typically be 2-2 1/2 weeks later.
  • Send an email to employees telling them about G360 Surveys so they don’t think the emails they get are spam (see sample email on Resources page).
  • Encourage subjects to send personal emails to their raters to increase participation.
  • Whitelist “” through your IT department so emails don’t go to spam folders.
  • Set up an accountability structure for development plans, e.g., have subjects send their completed plans on the last page of their reports to their boss or an HR business partner.
  • Set up internal or external coaches in case people have questions about their reports or need help making changes.
  • If launching more than 5 surveys, consider using the Bulk Survey Launch feature.

Choosing Raters

Who should you choose as raters? We recommend that you include the following:

  • All of the person’s bosses or supervisors
  • 6-8 of their colleagues or peers
  • All of the people who report to them (direct reports)
  • You can also add 6-8 people categorized as “Others” if they don’t fit any of the other categories.

Important: At least 3 people in any category must respond to the survey in order for their scores to show up in the feedback report. That protects the anonymity of the raters with the exception of the supervisor category since most people only have one of those. But even if the scores don’t show up in the report, the person’s comments will still appear since all the comments are randomly mixed together.