4 Ways to Change your Nights to Improve your Mornings

In today’s fast-paced and distraction-filled society, it’s hard to make time for relaxation before bed. However, taking the time to end the day on a good note can completely transform your mornings.

1. Go to bed at the same time every night (or at least try)

By setting up a regular schedule, your mind and body will begin to naturally shift into a more restful state around bedtime. You’ll spend less time tossing and turning, helping you get more shut-eye. By getting as much rest as you can, you’ll avoid that dreaded midday slump at work.

2. Get rid of electronics in the bedroom

Clearing your room of TV’s, computers, and the like will make for a darker, more restful environment to doze off in. Additionally, getting rid of work and play-related items will strengthen the association between your bedroom and sleep. Better quality sleep is key to staying energetic and focused throughout the day.

3. Make sure the last thing you look at isn’t a screen

The harsh, blue-tinted lights on our phones, computers, and TV’s not only strain the eyes, but also stimulate the mind and distract us, which is the last thing we need when trying to fall asleep. Leave the twitter notifications and emails until the next morning; you’ll be well-rested and in a much better state to answer without typos.

4. Establish a soothing pre-bed routine

Ease the transition into sleep with relaxing activities before bed. Take a bath (the rise, then fall in body temperature brings on drowsiness) or read a book. Avoid stressful, stimulating activities, like doing work or keeping up on an emotional group chat. Try writing down stresses or worries in a journal- and then put them aside for the night.