Become a Leader at Work

become a leader at work

In today’s business world, leadership manifests in two distinct forms. One comes from the authority of an official title, and the other comes from the reverence earned through respect and competence. Regardless of your position in the hierarchy, you have the power to become a leader in any situation. Here are a few tips to get you on your way.


Exude confidence. Even if you initially find it necessary to ‘fake it until you make it,’ people are naturally drawn to those who display certainty in their ability. Remember that your non-verbal cues and tone often hold more weight than your spoken words. So, keep your head held high, engage with steady eye contact, and articulate your thoughts with conviction.


The depth of your knowledge and skills in a particular field, accrued over time, will give you a seat at the table. Such mastery naturally positions you as a leader, becoming a beacon of guidance and advice for your peers.


However, expertise alone isn’t enough; it needs to be accompanied by accessibility. Without an approachable demeanor, your knowledge benefits only you and may even create a perception of you being aloof and distant. By immersing yourself into your professional community, you can become an important resource to others.


Ascending further on the leadership ladder entails developing the ability to empower others. If you can share your knowledge, teaching your peers new skills through guidance and demonstration, you will swiftly transition from a mere colleague to a mentor. This grants you leadership credibility.


Lastly, let your passion for what you do shine through. Even armed with extensive experience, accessibility, and teaching skills, without evident enthusiasm for your tasks and shared goals, your leadership impact could be limited. Passion is contagious – ignite excitement among your team by demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment and soon you will be seen as a leader of the group.