How to Incorporate Positive Psychology in Your Company Culture

Companies strive for success. Whether it’s to make more profits, decrease turnover rates, or raise awareness of issues, companies and organizations work hard to beat out their competitors.

But how can companies get a competitive edge to reach higher levels of success? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is not always more training or intelligence. The answer may lie in positive psychology, or what is otherwise known as the science of happiness.

Why is positive psychology so important for the workplace, and how exactly can companies and organizations incorporate it into their spaces? Positivity has, as you may expect, positive effects on our brain power, meaning it can make us both more focused and even more successful, as Shawn Achor lays out in The Happiness Advantage.

What can companies use to bring positive psychology into their workplace, offering more opportunities for success? A lot of the answer lies in how companies treat their employees. Here’s how you can incorporate positive psychology into your organization or company.

Invest In Perks

We’ve all heard of Google’s environment and culture complete with break rooms that include massage therapists and pool tables. And they may be onto something. Having perks for your employees that allow them to take a quick break while letting loose and having a little fun is a perfect way to incorporate positive psychology into your company. While you don’t have to go as far as Google, with provided food, self-care, rest, and transportation, you should put an effort into making work a place your employees can actually enjoy and look forward to coming to each day.

Group Outings

When companies and organizations take their employees on group outings, they display the ways in which they care about and support their people. Not only do these outings provide a time for relaxation and fun, they provide an opportunity for better group bonding and overall teamwork and cohesiveness. Go to happy hours, dinners, or shows; it doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it’s something that your group will enjoy. Enjoying activities together is a great way to incorporate positive psychology into your company culture.


If it’s possible within your organization, try being more flexible with your employees. If your company doesn’t rely on being open from 9:00 to 5:00, try letting your employees come in and out of work when they want, as long as they still work the number of hours a week they are allotted. This way, you allow freedom while maintaining your employee presence. Some people may be more productive early in the mornings, while others are better workers in the evenings. With flexibility, your employees can more easily find that coveted work-life balance, which is absolutely a component of positive psychology.


Don’t forget to give your employees credit for their hard work and accomplishments. Given how busy most organizations are, it can be easy to let giving credit slide, but it can pay off if you take the time to do it. Giving credit to your employees lets them know that they are important and that their work is recognized.

If you want to put your company on the road to success, it’s not a bad idea to look into positive psychology and how it can help your organization. Get started today with these suggestions!