How to Launch and Self-Administer an Online 360 Survey

online 360 survey

Whether it’s measuring your team’s morale, identifying emerging leaders in your organization, or tracking individual performance, G360 Surveys offers a variety of effective and user-friendly online 360 surveys. They’re so user-friendly, we kind of question the need for a post titled, “How to Launch and Self-Administer an Online 360 Survey.” But, we thought, why not. Maybe you’ll learn something about how to launch and self-administer one of our 360 feedback surveys. Or, maybe you’ll just learn that we weren’t exaggerating when we said launching one couldn’t be easier.

The Administrator’s Dashboard

Step one is logging in to the administrator’s dashboard. The first thing we suggest that you do is to click on the resources button to check out all the tutorials and best practices we’ve assembled to help you manage and monitor your 360 degree survey program.

Purchase Credits

Before creating an online 360 survey, you will need to purchase at least one survey credit. We offer quantity discounts starting at 10 survey credits. Fortunately, purchasing credits is a snap; simply click “Purchase Credits” in the top right-hand corner of your screen to start the payment process. The quantity discounts are automatically applied depending on the number of credits you purchase. It takes one survey credit to launch each assessment.

Add Participants

Once you’ve chosen to create a survey, you will want to add the names and email addresses of those participating in the survey. To do this, click “Participants” on the left-hand menu. Here you will be given the option to “Add Participants” manually or “Import Participants,” which allows you to automatically upload your participants and their email addresses from a CSV file. That way, when you start building your surveys, the names and email addresses will already be in the system.

Enter Survey Information

You are now ready to create the survey. The first thing to do here is enter some vital information, including the Survey Name (usually the name of the person being evaluated), the Survey Type—a drop-down menu offers a handful of options in choosing your survey type—and the Start and End Dates.

Survey Options

Next you will see that there are four “Survey Options” to choose from. Here, you can allow survey subjects to choose their raters (or not), send reminder emails before the survey close date (or not), automatically close the survey (or not), and allow subjects to access their own reports (or not). Not sure? Each of these options offers an information bubble that explains them in more detail.

Add Participants (Again)

Under these Survey Options is the “Add Participants” option. Wait, didn’t you already add participants? Yes, but that was adding participants to the system; this step assigns participants to this particular survey. First, you will enter the name of the subject of the survey. (If you didn’t add the participant earlier, you can also just do it here.)

Next, you’ll add the individual raters and define their relationship to the survey subject. Keep in mind, if you’ve already entered or imported a list of survey participants, the name you enter will most likely pre-populate once you type the first few letters. As participants are entered, a growing list will appear of everyone participating.

After you finish entering this information, click on “Save Survey.” Now your online 360 survey will be launched. To ensure that you’ve got everything how you want it, and to monitor your survey’s progress, go back to the “Dashboard” option on the left-hand menu and review.

For our visual learners, we offer a video tutorial of how to launch and self-administer an online 360 survey. We suggest this video for an overview of our administrator’s dashboard.