Productive Ways to Spend Free Time

Productive Ways to Spend Free Time

Successful people aren’t just made in the boardrooms and classrooms; they are also made in the evenings and the weekends. What you do outside of work impacts both your professional and personal successes, and if you want to reach your own definitions of success, you must take careful, intentional steps. Your spare time is a chance for you to build habits that will enable you to reach your goals. Using your free time wisely can help you achieve a positive work-life balance and develop the career that you want. Here are 10 productive ways to spend your free time.


Whether it’s classic fiction or modern non-fiction, pick up a book during your downtime. Not only does it keep your brain fresh and working, but it helps you rewind. Reading a book is a great activity to do right before you fall asleep. It helps you let go of the daily stress that you face and take a deep breath before getting some sleep before the next day.


Taking care of your health and body is important, and successful people thrive with a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and clear your mind. And there are so many different ways to exercise that you can find something that you enjoy while you’re at it.


Invest in yourself and learn something new or develop a skill. Doing this will keep you curious and inching closer to your goals. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to your career. No matter what you learn, the act of learning will keep your mind sharp and interested. Learning something new is also a great way to keep in touch with your passions that are unrelated to your job.


Use some of your downtime as, well, downtime. If you are constantly doing things without relaxation, you are more likely to burn out and lose the energy and motivation to keep working towards your goals. Relax during your free time. Put away your electronics, and take some deep breaths before jumping back into your next activity.


Time management is the key to checking everything off of your to-do list and making time for yourself. Plan how you will spend your time, including some of your free time, so that you don’t want to waste time wondering what you still need to do. You should also pencil in your downtime so that you can ensure you will take some time off from your busy schedule.


Continue to build relationships with the people around you. Go out to dinners with your family and friends, and don’t neglect those relationships when work gets busy. Not only are they your support system, but they should also be able to help you relax in your downtime and have a little fun. Staying connected and building relationships is vital for your work-life balance.

Manage Stress

Leave your stress at work. When you take it home with you, it starts trickling down into every part of your life, which is an unhealthy habit. During your downtime, you are not supposed to be working, so there is nothing you can do about whatever is stressing you anyway. If you let go of the stress while you are away, you will be better able to manage it while you are at work, allowing you to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Don’t forget to enjoy a little time in the sun. Nature is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body during your off time. Get some fresh air on the weekends to help combat the stress of the indoor lifestyle during the week.

Practice Hobbies

Don’t let go of your own passions and hobbies, even if they are not related to your career. Your hobbies contribute to your overall happiness and can help you forget about work and its stress for a little bit.

Take a Vacation

And a real one at that. Even if you can’t necessarily jet off to the caribbeans, get away for a little bit to refresh your mind and body. Leave your email and work at home and enjoy the time in the present away from your daily life. Explore new places or visit old friends, and learn about new places and cultures.


Your life shouldn’t just stop when you leave the office. View your free time as an opportunity to continue growing and working towards your goals and achieving a work-life balance. When you get home from work today, use your time wisely.