leadership development resources

Development Resources for Senior Leaders

Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

The best leaders don’t just know this; they live by it.

Whether you’re new to senior leadership or have been at the top for a while, there’s always something new to learn. Not only are workers and their work habits and work expectations changing, but the whole world is changing.

It’s a simple fact: Senior leaders who continue to turn to leadership development resources will be able to help their teams navigate change more effectively than senior leaders who don’t.

Taking the G360 Senior Leader Survey is a great first step in discovering where your leadership strengths lie—and where your leadership development resources should be focused.

The G360 Senior Leader Survey measures the competencies that are most important for executives. In all, we’ve identified 16 core competencies across four major categories—personal qualities, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and leadership skills—that are required for effective senior leadership.

The key to development is taking the feedback you’ve received in the Senior Leader Survey and transforming it into a detailed action plan. Use our Personal Development Plan Template to create goals and identify specific steps you need to take to improve your skills.

Then, click on any of the competencies below to access a variety of leadership development resources, including detailed descriptions, suggestions for improvement, and recommended books, articles and videos.