Development Resources for Emerging Leaders

Position yourself for success

Becoming a leader is an exciting career milestone. But as you’ve probably realized, it’s one that comes with many new responsibilities. Chief among them is the commitment to learn and grow. This is any leader’s responsibility, whether they’ve been leading for three months, three years or three decades.

Leadership development requires knowing your strengths, identifying your weaknesses and pinpointing areas that are ripe for growth. But, as a new leader, you might not have a good handle on what your strengths and weaknesses are.

That’s where the Emerging Leader Survey comes into play. Measuring 16 core competencies grouped into four major categories, the G360 Emerging Leader Survey can help you understand what is required of you as a leader and what it will take to advance your career even higher.

But taking the survey—and having colleagues give you feedback —is only the beginning. The real work happens next.

Feedback can be a powerful catalyst for growth. Getting 360 feedback from peers, managers and direct reports can be a strong motivator for change. In fact, the most successful leaders pay close attention to the feedback they receive so they can learn and grow from it.

Every good leader knows there’s always room for improvement, and that’s especially true for emerging leaders. Click on any of the core competencies below for detailed definitions and suggestions for improvement, as well as recommended books, articles and videos.

Your leadership development starts now.