3 Ways 360 Feedback Fosters a Culture of Continuous Improvement

culture of continuous improvement

At first glance, the concept of continuous improvement can feel overwhelming. Tomorrow should be better than today—always? Talk about daunting. But like it or not, there’s real value in adopting a culture of continuous improvement. Among the benefits touted are increased employee engagement, a boost in creativity and innovation, lower employee turnover and higher customer satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want all of that?

But wanting to adopt a culture of continuous improvement and actually adopting a culture of continuous improvement are two different things. As its name suggests, fostering a culture of continuous improvement is not a one-and-done project. It’s all day, every day, all quarter, every quarter, all year, every year. It also requires feedback—a lot if it. Sounds like a job for 360 feedback! We couldn’t agree more, and here are 3 ways 360 feedback can help you foster a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

360 Feedback Helps You Lead By Example

The best leaders know they are still learning and growing. In other words, they know they can continuously improve. The easiest way to get your team on board with a culture of continuous improvement is to showcase your own commitment to continuous improvement. And we can’t think of a better way than with a 360 degree leadership feedback survey.

When a leader demonstrates a growth mindset by engaging in a survey process, their team is more likely to adopt a growth mindset, give and receive feedback constructively, and trust decisions made by their leader. In a way, 360 feedback can be seen as a prerequisite to a culture of continuous improvement.

360 Feedback Helps You Keep the Focus

There’s no sugar coating it—fostering a culture of continuous improvement takes work. And when you finally finish a big project or if you’re in the throes of one, it can be easy to forget about your goals to continuously improve. A regular 360 feedback survey process helps you keep continuous improvement top of mind (in addition to helping you measure your progress).

360 Feedback Helps Encourage Action

There’s something about receiving feedback from many people that lands a little differently than feedback from just one person. That’s one of the many benefits of multi-rater feedback, like that provided by a 360 degree feedback survey.

It’s no surprise that the more viewpoints included in a feedback process—bosses, supervisors, direct reports, peers, even customers—the more comprehensive and accurate that feedback will be. And when feedback can be trusted as comprehensive and accurate, the recipient of that feedback will be more likely to take action.

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