5 Ways to Make New Hires as Productive as Possible

Adding to a team can be tricky. Here’s how to welcome new employees and make them part of your culture as quickly and effectively as possible.

1. Break the ice

Introductions are important, both to and from the new employee. Make sure to introduce the new hire to employees working near them in person, and to the whole office or their department in a preemptive email. The new hire won’t feel isolated, and won’t have to struggle with learning names and corresponding job titles on their own.

2. Pair off

Mentoring can have unbelievably positive effects when it comes to integrating a new hire into a workspace. Pair new hires off with employees with experience in their shared field, and watch them thrive with the help of advice from their mentor. Mentors can help new hires adjust to quirks of a workplace, and navigate the social realm of the office much more easily.

3. Make lunch dates

The first day can be overwhelming, as well as isolating. Many new hires feel very much like the new kid at school: intimidated and isolated. Implement the trusty buddy system, and have another employee take them to lunch on the first day- it could be someone they’ll be working with, a few people from their team, or just someone who knows the office really well.

4. Keep the support going

In many companies, the outreach and support that new hires receive drops off dramatically after their first day. In reality, transitions to new companies take much more than 8 hours, so make sure your support continues throughout their first week, whether it’s in the form of mentorship, tutorials, or purposeful socialization.

5. Party remotely

Have a virtual “welcome party” in a team group chat or email thread. The hiring manager can introduce the new hire to everyone with a brief introduction and a fun fact or two, and everyone else can add on with welcoming messages and fun GIFs.