The Benefits of Incorporating 360 Feedback Surveys Into Your Strategic Performance Management System

strategic performance management system

At its best, a strategic performance management system ensures that employee goals are aligned with those of the organization. They track employee progress and pinpoint the possible need for further job training. They also enable employees to realize the importance of individual accountability in meeting objectives.

Too bad, then, that so many traditional job performance evaluations tend to resemble dental visits, with the employee called into a closed-door meeting to receive criticism of their work. And much of the criticism leveled during these evaluations comes from a single person or small group of managers. Operating from such a limited perspective, these evaluations fail to explore the employee’s strengths and how they might line up with the objectives of the organization.

However, as the concept of the workplace continues to change, updating your strategic performance management system may be necessary. Incorporating a 360 degree feedback survey can go a long way toward bringing your performance management system in line with today’s objectives—both those of the organization and of the individual employee. The benefits of a 360 degree feedback survey include:

Encourages Reflection and Personal Growth

A 360 degree feedback survey offers employees a deeper understanding of how others see their work—not just their superiors but their fellow employees as well. Also, by requiring a self-assessment from the employee, a 360 degree feedback survey calls for some real reflection regarding job performance and career goals.

Reduces Bias

Since feedback is gathered from multiple sources, a 360 degree feedback survey helps ensure a more objective evaluation. This reduces the risk of personal bias that can exist in some traditional job performance evaluations.

Opens the Lines of Communication

In giving and receiving feedback, employees can reach a better understanding of how their work affects the work of others within their organization. This has been known to lead to a more collaborative approach toward the achievement of common goals.

Locates Common Ground Between Individual and Organizational Objectives

Too often, employees can feel as if they have been siloed off from the organization’s larger objectives. The growth of remote work has exacerbated this feeling. By showing exactly where they stand within the organization, a 360 degree feedback survey can align the employee’s strengths with those of the organization.

Inspires a Positive Workplace Culture

With a 360 degree feedback survey as part of your strategic performance management system, employees will be encouraged to seek opportunities for personal and career growth. As a result, a more encouraging, growth-forward culture leads to higher employee satisfaction and improved performance.

In conclusion, including a 360 feedback survey in your strategic performance management system can encourage self-awareness and bolster communication. It can also lead to employees playing to their strengths, leading to improved job performance and a better workplace culture for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about the G360 suite of feedback surveys.