360 Review Questions for Leaders

Better results start with better questions.

Using a one-size-fits-all survey won’t give you the feedback you’re looking for. Think about it: The question that identifies how much of a team player your newest hire is won’t tell you much at all about how your most senior leader is doing. So, what’s the secret to getting strong 360 degree feedback on your organization’s leaders? Start with 360 review questions for leaders, of course!

Traits of High-performing Senior Leaders

Need help developing stronger 360 review questions for leaders? Find inspiration from the following core competencies, which are considered essential traits of high-performing senior leaders. There are 16 in all, divided into four categories. Click on any of the competencies to learn their detailed definitions.

Sample Questions Used to Measure Leadership Performance

If there are 16 traits of high-performing senior leaders, it would make sense that your 360 reviews would address these 16 traits. For example:

To measure personal qualities:

  • Hilary has high ethical standards.
  • Hilary is aware of his personal weaknesses and shortcomings.

To measure interpersonal skills:

  • Eric proactively addresses interpersonal problems before they escalate.
  • Eric invites others to speak up and share their opinions.

To measure problem-solving skills:

  • Lydia tries to understand the root cause of problems.
  • Lydia carefully weighs the facts before making a decision.

To measure leadership skills:

  • Jamie has an urgent sense of purpose and mission.
  • Jamie gives clear directions and reasonable deadlines on tasks.

Resources for Senior Leaders

After you administer the 360 survey, senior leaders can access the list of core competencies again to receive suggestions for improvement, as well as links to recommended books, articles and videos. There’s always room for improvement, and that’s true no matter how great a senior leader you already are.