Leadership Pulse Surveys

Leadership Matters. Leadership Development Matters More.

No matter how great a leader you are, there’s always room for improvement. Just like everyone else, leaders have strengths and leaders have weaknesses. The modern workplace also is changing, rapidly. Leadership skills that worked 5 years ago might not be as effective today. That makes leadership development essential, even for the highest-performing leaders.

By taking our Leadership Pulse Survey, you’re taking an important step in showing your commitment to leadership development. Not only that, but you’re taking action on being the best kind of leader — one who is open to learning and growing. You can review results on your personalized G360 Leadership Pulse Feedback Report, which details your strengths, core competencies, and areas of improvement. Additionally, the report presents valuable information about interpreting your results, reflecting on them, and setting personal goals based on this feedback.

Leadership Pulse Survey: Next Steps

The key to leadership development is taking the feedback you’ve received and transforming it into a detailed action plan. The G360 Leadership Pulse Survey measures eight core competencies that are common traits among successful leaders: integrity, approachability, work ethic, execution, continuous improvement, motivating others, directing others and developing others.

Use our Personal Development Plan Template, which you can find on the last page of your Leadership Pulse Feedback Report, to create goals and identify specific steps you can take to improve your skills in these various areas.

Leadership Pulse Survey: Additional Resources

Need ideas for your Personal Development Plan? G360 Surveys is here to help. We’ve assembled detailed definitions, suggestions for improvement, as well as recommended books, articles and videos to watch, for each of the eight core competencies. Access these resources by clicking on any of the competencies below.