Pulse Surveys

Users launch their own surveys and get feedback in just three days

Four Pulse Surveys to Choose From

Leadership Pulse

Ideal for managers or project leaders who want to know how they’re doing in areas such as  approachability, motivating others and developing others (sample report).

Virtual Leader

In todays world, many leaders have been thrown into a virtual environment without a lot of preparation or training. Take heart, help is on the way (sample report).

Career Booster

Getting ahead in today’s workplace is not always easy. The Career Booster Pulse is for people who aren’t in a leadership position but want some feedback (sample report).

Team Pulse

The most successful teams reflect on how they’re doing on a regular basis. This pulse gives teams the information they need to be more effective (sample report).

Here’s How They Work

First, users launch a survey and answer 16 questions about themselves. Then they send a link to others to answer the same questions and to get 360 degree feedback about how they are perceived. After three days, the poll closes and the following results are available.

  • A word cloud that includes three strengths identified by each of the raters.
  • Scores on eight core competencies that are compared to their self-assessment.
  • Specific, open-ended feedback and suggestions from their raters.

Strengths and competency scores are provided for free. To download a full report, users either use a credit card or a promo code.